Whitefall – How to Apply?

Whitefall – How to Apply?

Oct 01 Izaya  

Recruitment is open for everyone who thinks he belongs in Whitefall. Read all our information pages carefully (all the About Us pages). We expect you have read the pages before you have applied to to our guild.

We are recruiting hardcore players from all directions.

-Ranked Players
-Dungeon / Raiders
-Life Skill Progressers
-PvE Players
-PvP Players
-Leaders in all sorts. (raid/pvp/HM) shot callers

Since we are a PvX guild we need players from all directions.

At the moment our community is playing a few different games. Such as Bless / Maplestory 2 / Overwatch / Call of Duty BO4 and a lot more. Once a new mmorpg releases we unite as one again to conquer the server!

Once again we don’t want to become a zerg. We are looking for Quality players.

If you’re interested in joining a social community with hardcore aspects Whitefall is the right place.
If you want to apply you can use the Apply link at the bottom or sent me a message on Discord see the contact us page for our discord tags.

Make sure to have read the following pages:

  1. https://whitefall.eu/history-of-whitefall/
  2. https://whitefall.eu/rules-expectations/
  3. https://whitefall.eu/future-plans/

And as last you can apply here hope to see you soon : https://whitefall.eu/apply/

If you have anymore questions feel free to contact me Izaya RaijinX trough mail or Discord: https://whitefall.eu/contact-us/

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