WF – Lost ark Break

WF – Lost ark Break

Dec 25 Izaya  

Hello readers,

Since the korean Lost Ark release we have been playing the game a lot. We might have played it too much right from the start. Our members started reaching 400 Gearscore. We did a lot of endgame content and are burning out on the game.

We all know the korean client is not our final version. We are going to take a step back from Lost Ark until the western release. We chose to do this so we don’t get burned out too much before the game even gets released in the west.

There are a lot of different games coming out in 2019 we will be trying those as well until Lost Ark gets released.

We are not recruiting for Lost Ark Korea anymore. If you are interested to join us in other games or join us in Lost Ark West, feel free to DM me on Discord. Check the Contact us page for my discord information.

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