Waiting for Lost Ark Online

Waiting for Lost Ark Online

Apr 14 Izaya  

Hello Soldiers,

As you know Whitefall has been tracking Lost Ark for years now. The game has so much potentional we cant wait to play it. We have been monitoring this game together with the Lost Ark Discord server and Lost ark Database. After showing the members of Whitefall the game Lost Ark things kind of exploded for us. Everybody likes the concept and everything else we have seen so far. The gameplay mechanics, Content, Classes and the PvE and PvP system are developed so great for a game thats still in development. Some publishers would have released LOA a long time ago just to grab cash. Smilegate (developers&publishers) of LoA are not Cash grabbers. They have a lot of content already but they dont want to release an unpolished game and that is great!

For Basic explanation about the lore and game see: http://www.lostarkdatabase.com/what-is-lost-ark-online/

More content in this post soon. Focussing on Bless release atm!

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