Rules & Expectations


What can you expect from us?

A friendly, social and mature community with experienced leaders and officers
We use Discord as our main VoIP Program
We treat everyone equally
An active website
Play different games on different platforms
Competitive guild striving to be in the top
guild where you will feel at home
Community where everybody helps each other
No smaller guilds inside our guild we play together with the whole lot
Class Training
PvP & PvE Training
Strategy & Tactics (GvG) Training


What do we expect from you?

Friendly & social outgoing personality
A Team player mentality
18+ Years old (Mature mentality)
Joining us on Discord (VoIP) on a regular base
A competitive and professional mindset
Willing to learn and accept facts
Average activity of at least a few hours a day
Motivation & Dedication for the guild and game we play
Joining mandatory guild activities

How to apply to Whitefall

Our application procedure is being reformed. Our beloved developer Kurayashi is working on a Discord bot which can be used for application forms. Until this bot is created you can apply to Whitefall by contacting any of the leaders/officers through Discord or E-mail. You can find our details at the Contact Us page.