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A Sequel to Lineage 1


Many Whitefall members have played the game Lineage. It all started back in Lineage 1. Most of us have play Lineage 2 mainly. Lineage has always been a game that forces you to play with others. This means there has always been a lot of guild content. End game was always about guild content. Think about GvG / Sieges / Endgame farming while kicking out the enemy guilds from the farming spots. This is why i personally always loved Lineage. Lineage is a true MMORPG where you have to play with others to be succesfull. Good organised guilds are always on top of the ladder.

Project-TL is confirmed to work this way as well. It’s a sequel to Lineage1. We can expect Sieges / GvG and ranked PvP as well. It’s a fully open world environment with some instanced content. But mostly open world that’s what Lineage always has stand for a fully open world mmorpg.

For some more Basic information about Project-TL you can find here below:

Project-TL is the mmorpg im waiting for myself. We will be ontop of all the new information and beta’s if it’s possible.

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