Our next journey: Bless Online

Our next journey: Bless Online

Apr 14 Izaya  

Dear Family, (or Future family members)

Current State:
As you might know we will start playing Bless online soon!
Steam release is around the corner and we have gathered around 32 players within the community to start with.
We haven’t been recruiting in forums or outside our community yet. Because like always we are not gonna be a zerg guild.
Like in the most other games we have played we will have a Small to Medium sized guild with only skilled players who have the right Skills / mentality to join us. In Discord we have voted for the faction we want to join, most votes went to Union up until now. We will have a Guild meeting about the factions and release date and further plans when more information gets released.

We will start recruiting on forums and different platforms starting this week. But don’t expect a lot of new players right away.
We will monitor the applications and talk with the new players before inviting them. This will be done trough Discord. The new members will have a trail period to see how things are working out. New or Old everybody is the same. So new players should expect to join other members in pve and pvp groups to get to know the other members.

Plans for Bless:
Some of the members will have some free days accounted for once the release date hits us. So we can expect atleast 2-4 group to level up pretty fast to the endgame. My suggestion is dont rush it. Enjoy the game for as long as you can cause there is no other mmorpg releasing anytime soon. Once you reach the endgame we can start grouping up and start doing guild stuff together! Hardmodes and Raids will be done the first few times with groups who are motivated to complete them. Expect Whitefall to go Ham on Hardmodes,Raids and Ranked PVP. Give us anything that is difficult so we can show you the wae.

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