Maplestory 2

Maplestory 2

Oct 30 Izaya  

Whitefall’s Maplestory 2 Adventure

Dear visitors!

More and more members went to play Maplestory 2 and we frequently got asked why Whitefall didn’t join Maplestory 2 on release. The reason was because i didn’t really like Maple’s artwork style and the block system. This was my reason for not trying MS2. I must say this was a mistake from my part. I actually got forced to try maplestory by our members and got hooked to the game. We are a bit late to join the party but hey we made it !

Whitefall’s Maple Adventure:
Our guild got created around 2 weeks after release. This is why we are not among the top guilds atm. But we will get there eventually. We have missed the most important part of the game thats the launch of the game. But we had a couple of members who were already playing MS2 since day 1. They are in the top 1 to top 5 guilds atm. They are our source of information so we can catch up in no time.

We already have around 20 community members who have joined us in our Maple adventure. Our avarage gearscore is around 3500 – 4000 at the moment. Our goal is to reach +12 weapons and with piercing and physical piercing stats on armor/weapons. The raids are coming out soon and we will be ready at day 1 once they release.

Whitefall will focus on completing most of the endgame content in MS2 like Raids and PvP. To get there you will have to play to gear yourself up. We do this together as a guild. There are some tricks and tips to speed up the process which we are using to boost the members a bit faster to the required gearscore and gear stats!


At the moment we only have community members in the guild who have been playing other games with us for months or years. From today on our recruitment is open. We are recruiting players who fit the whitefall mentality. You can read up on our rules and expectations by clicking here. If you still have some questions for us after reading the rules you can contact us through discord. Click here to see our discord tags. If you can’t reach us fast enough through discord you can always fill out a small application here.

Hope to see you with us! And remember! Once you join us its hard to leave! You might stick with us for a few years or maybe forever!


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