Lost Ark Open-Beta

Lost Ark Open-Beta

Nov 14 Izaya  
Whitefall Joining Lost Ark Open Beta Korea!

It’s Alive!! The long awaited mmorarpg went into open beta in Korea!

Whitefall is definitely playing Lost Ark in Korea for the time being.  Smilegate has confirmed that Lost Ark will eventually get released in the Western world. When?? nobody knows. So until then you can find some of our members playing Lost Ark in Korea!

We will play in Korea mainly because we really love the game. We have been following its progress for quite a while. We want to build up our knowledge about the game and try everything out before it releases in the west.

Whitefall is recruiting members for Lost Ark! There are no further in-game requirements needed. Please check the Rules&Expectation page to figure out if you really belong in Whitefall. If you are interested apply right away through our application page or contact me on discord!

Whitefall moved to a new added server called 에비그레이스. It’s the first server on the list atm with the longest name!

Click here for a picture of the server name!

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