History of Whitefall


Whitefall has been created somewhere in 2005. The very first creation of our community took place in Lineage 2, which we played for 6 years as a guild. After Lineage 2 we’ve played Aion for a couple of years. After Aion we departed towards Tera where we have had a great journey of around 4 years.

Our guild has always been centered around PvP, at least until we started playing Wildstar. We’ve played Wildstar, a game that’s mostly PvE, for about 2 years. From that moment on we became a Competetive PvX guild.

We have currently community members playing Bless Online, Maplestory 2 & Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and a few more.

We had created Whitefall over a decade ago with the mindset to be a Semi to hardcore guild but with a social twist to the idea. We had seen many great hardcore guilds but the average mentality of those guilds were way worse than imagined. That was all because of the players who were in the guild and how the guild was being handled. A lot of those people had an elitist mindset and were very bad at communicating in a respectful and social behavior. Besides playing in a team with good players, the environment was toxic or stressful.

That’s why we came to a conclusion. It is not the guild leader or it’s best players who represent the guild. It’s the whole lot, every single individual member is very important to a guild. Those loyal members are like bricks to finish a strong and thick wall.

That’s why we are pretty strict with our recruitment. To make the most fun and respectable environment but be hardcore at the same time. More information our recruitment are here.


The Games We Have Played Since Whitefall Was Created: 

Lineage2               Tera                Aion            Wildstar             B&S               WoW               GW2                 Rift

lineage_ii tera aionwildstarbnswowgw2rift




    Dota 2              BF-1                 BDO            Overwatch          Rust



Games Playing Right Now:

   Bless       Call of Duty   Lost Ark     Maplestory
                          BO4                                      2

Games on the horizon:

 Project-TL  Ashes of Creation