Our Mindset

When we founded our guild over a decade ago, we built it upon a simple core principle: We wanted a community-centric guild, made up of people that are strong team players with mature and sociable personalities.

Those are the type of players we are looking for and this is because our goal in any mmorpg is to grow into a strong guild that fights together and grows into one the top guild on the server.
We believe everything is possible if the guild has a team player mentality.

We are striving to do every endgame content that any game has to offer us. For example things like Sieges / OWPVP / Ranked PvP&PvE instances / Tournaments / GvG.
You name it… everything. In everything we do we try to do it as best as we can. We will leave our names out there to be seen.

So after all that said. Are you up for the task ?