WF – Lost ark Break

Dec 25  Izaya  

Hello readers, Since the korean Lost Ark release we have been playing the game a lot. We might have played it too much right from the start. Our members started reaching 400 Gearscore. We did a lot of endgame content […]

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Lost Ark Open-Beta

Nov 14  Izaya  

Whitefall Joining Lost Ark Open Beta Korea! It’s Alive!! The long awaited mmorarpg went into open beta in Korea! Whitefall is definitely playing Lost Ark in Korea for the time being.  Smilegate has confirmed that Lost Ark will eventually get […]

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Waiting for Lost Ark Online

Apr 14  Izaya  

Hello Soldiers, As you know Whitefall has been tracking Lost Ark for years now. The game has so much potentional we cant wait to play it. We have been monitoring this game together with the Lost Ark Discord server and […]

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