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    Introduction to Whitefall

    I can summarize the guild for you in a topic but i wont do that. To get an idea Who we are and What we do just read the following articles. History of Whitefall: In this article we will explain you […]

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    Whitefall – How to[...]

    Recruitment is open for everyone who thinks he belongs in Whitefall. Read all our information pages carefully (all the About Us pages). We expect you have read the pages before you have applied to to our guild. We are recruiting […]

  • Project-TL


    A Sequel to Lineage 1   Many Whitefall members have played the game Lineage. It all started back in Lineage 1. Most of us have play Lineage 2 mainly. Lineage has always been a game that forces you to play […]

  • Maplestory 2

    Maplestory 2

    Whitefall’s Maplestory 2 Adventure Dear visitors! Intro: More and more members went to play Maplestory 2 and we frequently got asked why Whitefall didn’t join Maplestory 2 on release. The reason was because i didn’t really like Maple’s artwork style […]

  • Lost Ark

    WF – Lost ark[...]

    Hello readers, Since the korean Lost Ark release we have been playing the game a lot. We might have played it too much right from the start. Our members started reaching 400 Gearscore. We did a lot of endgame content […]

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    Lost Ark Open-Beta

    Whitefall Joining Lost Ark Open Beta Korea! It’s Alive!! The long awaited mmorarpg went into open beta in Korea! Whitefall is definitely playing Lost Ark in Korea for the time being.  Smilegate has confirmed that Lost Ark will eventually get […]

  • Lost Ark

    Waiting for Lost Ark[...]

    Hello Soldiers, As you know Whitefall has been tracking Lost Ark for years now. The game has so much potentional we cant wait to play it. We have been monitoring this game together with the Lost Ark Discord server and […]

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    Our next journey: Bless[...]

    Dear Family, (or Future family members) Current State: As you might know we will start playing Bless online soon! Steam release is around the corner and we have gathered around 32 players within the community to start with. We haven’t […]