Hardcore - PvP guild with a Social Community

Whitefall has been around for about 12 years together with new and old members !

Lost Ark Online

LOA will be our main ARPG to play when it gets released!

Whitefall's History

Click here to see our gaming history!

Whitefall Calpheon

We’re recruiting for Black Desert Online

Currently we’re recruiting the following classes level 52+:

  • Berserker (Very-high)
  • Ranger (High)
  • Sorceress(Medium)
  • Warrior (Medium)
  • Valkyrie (Medium)
  • Tamer (High)
  • Wizard (High)

We expect our new recruits the meet the following points

  • You have a friendly, social and mature personality
  • You possess a team player mentality
  • 18 years old
  • You’ll be on VOIP whenever you are online
  • Motivated to befriend other members

Read more information before you apply to our guild at the About Us Page !